Sedation Dentistry


Creating a comfortable environment

Sedation dentistry is a popular dental procedure in Calgary and for most dental patients. There are three levels of sedation that we practice in our Calgary dental office:

Nitrous Oxide: (laughing gas) Takes the edge off anxiety without lingering effects – once the gas is turned off, the effect is gone shortly after. Very little sedation required and minimal side effects.

Oral Sedation: (taking pills) More profound than the nitrous oxide, with lingering effects and slow onset (taking longer to feel its effect). Patients sometimes experience a bit of amnesia at the drug’s peak level. There are more side effects with this type of sedation.

IV Sedation: (injection into the vein) Very profound effect with quick onset and lingering effects as well. Patients normally would not be able to remember much of the procedure after the drug kicks in. There are many side effects with this type of sedation.

Before your Calgary Dentist starts any treatment or dental services, they will make sure you undergo a comprehensive examination, so that your dental treatment will be prioritized to fit your needs and budget.

With any type of sedation dentistry, all of our dental patients must be healthy (as indicated through a recent physical exam), have no known allergy to the medications involved, have no drug addiction history, and is not taking any controlled substance.

Once your treatment plan is set in place, your Calgary Dentist will do all in there power, to insure that your dental treatment is as painless as possible using standard

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